SharePoint Framework Developer Preview

Official announcement of Developer Preview of SharePoint Framework opens opportunity for developers to perform client-side development using instructed tools and to adopt upcoming change in SharePoint area.

It seems really interested to me, when I think about some of our enterprise level client who uses SharePoint for their day to day work process. If there is need to bring new idea or solution in the Farm, all of them have standard process to follow. But in most cases they wanted to avoid developing Server Side code as much as possible, unless and until there is really no alternative. And since Sandboxed solution is also depreciated (new solution can’t be added, and if you deactivate old one it’s gone!)), there is space for developer who was working on client-side technology to divert their focus on SharePoint Add-ins and SharePoint Framework related options.

If you never worked with Js frameworks, TypeScript or with NPM or Yeoman, it will be surprising (positive or negative) for you to understand and adopt it to your needs. However, good news is that Microsoft is very active in this direction to bring the latest information, code samples and learning materials using Patterns and Practices (PnP) initiative.


You can find SharePoint Framework Patterns and Practices (PnP) Git repository at following link:


YouTube Channel for SharePoint Dev Patterns and Practices (PnP) videos:


Recently there was announcement of closing Yammer Office 365 Network and moving to Office Network. Link for new Office Network you can find at:


Hope it will be helpful for quick start.

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